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Dear Parents Of All Around,
I am honestly tired of the bullshit that you put me through. I mean we shouldn’t be taking care of your shit, we have shit of our own to take care of. By the time you put us through back-breaking labor, we are going to be changing the things we think about. For one thing, we will be exploring the world of music. Ya. Some of us will be listening to what you call “metal” when it is pure rock. Call us a punk if you want, because we honestly don’t care what people think of us. We are rebels. We have our dark secrets that we would tell no-one. Who are you to stop us? We are cursing and insane maniacs. And still we don’t care of our reputation. So please, leave us alone.


Teens Of Earth

I went to this aquarium with my aunt and rachet ass grandma and when we were checking in a group of blind people walked in behind us. My Rachet Ass Grandma had the nerve to scream up to the heavens to the check in lady “Why do blind people come here if they cant even see the fish?” And you can tell clear as day the blind people could hear us. There blind not DEAF YA BYATCH

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